What Are The CA Services?

Indian Company Law has laid certain rules and regulations for all the business organizations to follow in order to run a business without any interruptions. Company registration, tax filing, licensing, ROC changes and every other legal business procedure falls under the CA or Chartered Accounting services. If you’re planning to start a new business, you must have a hire professional CA service provider who will take care of all the legalities for the business on your behalf. While working with an expert chartered accounting firm, company registration, roc filings, or licensing can be done in just a matter of time.


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Why Do You Need CA Services?

If you’re already running a business, you’ll know how important it is to have a dedicated team of legal service providers for your organization to handle all the legalities. But if you have a start-up, it is to be informed that CA services are an integrated part of an organization. A business requires certain legal permissions to be fully operational, no matter what industry you belong to. An industrial manufacturing company will require a pollution license to run its function properly and avoid any legal penalties like a costly fine or imprisonment. Just like a commodity trading company must have an import & export license to do trading. Leave everything aside, to start a genuine business; you must have a trade license. It is the legal proof of your organization’s existence, and all these registrations and licenses come under CA services.

Why Hire Us?

Looking for an affordable and professional CA service provider in Kolkata? Deeptimay Associates is at your service. We have a dedicated team of professional legal advisors and chartered accountants all across India. So, even if you’re not in Kolkata, we will still be able to assist you with our online legal services.

The current Ministry of Corporate Affairs takes a new initiative to introduce easy ways to do company registrations online in India. However, it requires proper legal guidance and easy processing to get it done. While working with Deeptimay Associates, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our team of experts will deal with every legality regarding the registration by working closely with the government officials while you can focus on your area of expertise, i.e., running the business without any hassle. We have a satisfied client base all over Kolkata, and once you get started with us, you’ll know why we are one of the leading CA firms in this industry.

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